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tho when i was doing design stuff at KRK, single sided pcba i wouldnt think twice about adding 0R jumpers if the layout was more ideal like that
through hole
a lot of people get all personal like they were defeated because they had to use a jumper
im like fuck that, if i can cross perpendicular instead of going around and being in parallel for a long run, im doing a jumper
and a lot of those old single layer designs with mad jumpers, a lot of times its pretty optomised
all the jumpers will be perpendicular to the majority of the traces
lots of old japanese audio like that
topside covered in tons of jumpers, *all* in the same direction

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ha nice
most consumer shit has 0R resistor everywhere
for diff stuff options, and to disconnect dead trades to avoid crosstalk in audio stuff
*dead traces
so you will have traces with 0R resistors on both ends
looks goofy in schematics
works tho
like i am kind of kicking around this audio design, but i dont want to have two channels sharing a dual opamp, for better crosstalk
but i dont want to use single opamps, because sourcing issues, random use of spare pins, etc
so i have the spare setup as an optional preamp, with some 0R to connect it, another 0R to bypass completely
and then when bypassed, i use 0R as the input resistor, and one of the feedback resistors, and leave the lower feedback unstuffed
so its basically a grounded input voltage follower
and yeah this is all SMD so not using them to jump gaps

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Pch fet?
and yeah probably
if not you prob have radiation issues
well, if you have some RF shit close that assymetrically couples into the fet gate, it can pump it on
but with 100K there it would have to be bad, you prob wouldnt pass EMC =)
audio rule of thumb, you dont trust resistors over 100K for anything
and audio stuff tens to be less sensitive than fets
but thats a normal value in low power designs ive seen
ive seen up to a meg, put there by super talented engineers, so shrug
tho personally, i think that 1M resistor was the cause of this super intermittent issue

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and pretty much abandoned in industry
i seen it on some old audio amp PSU
and supposedlly alot of the electronics in the 70s sport model fighter jets (f-14/15/18) are wire wrapped

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