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timecop: typically a mill

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Transmission bandwidth: 1 GHz. (eddy current free)
timecop: hows that for higher highs

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yes use eagle
good luck
i broke the mini usb on my mpk mini =(
prob to take to work to throw in musical instrument pile
kinda want

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and .1" spaced parts
you can set an alt grid
usually i work with the alt grid and use the primary grid as a reference
(hold down alt for alt grid, easy)

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i usually deadbug with through hole leads and bus wire
i dont use perf with copper pads
i just used the punched fr4, it pretty much just holds the parts
if its needs to be permanent you put the trace side with hot glue
then you better plan that shit out because they slide real quick
yeah for digital stuff with lots of bus paths that makes sense
but for anything analog or small i dead bug
some shit i wont even use perf =\
how big is this going to be?
do you not know how to use eagle?
free shit should be fine

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then copy with bent leads or wire
unless its performance critical analog shit i wouldnt bother
shut up unit41

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or did you regress back to 1988
EAGLE Hobbyist (99 schematic sheets, 6 signal layers, 160x100mm routing area; for individual, non commercial use only!) Not available for China.
haha @ last sentence
Americas / Africa
haha wtf @ cadsoft putting americas in same category as africa
i just use .1" grid
when i doing layout for breadboard plans
which i think ive done twice
maybe twice
no i just route it and drc check like a normal board

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i wonder if the gaps are there for lightning or the amp
you think if i buy eagle on a weekend anything happens?
kevtris: you still using eagle at work?

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like it makes me what kind of connector they used for mics
those are like 2" gaps?
thats gotta be towards 100kV =\
30 kV/cm
fuck its like 150kV sparkgaps

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but the curious kid side of me loves all the random mil and comm shit in the middle of nowhere
following trails under power lines, finding weird antennas
nuclear wasted rocket test sites...
i wonder if thats pipe or bar
too old for tv
too insane for the 50s
jaxdahl: solid states modular amps
*solid state
you fry an amp you replace a section
they just keep tube shit for backup transmitters
like, in south america
(worked at a tube distribution place, big $$$ tubes are are for old RF amps_)

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an LC what
kevtris: not surprising
tubes are supposed to be decent for osillators, and something like that the magnetic passives were prob custom wound up
Operators tried gallantly to ride gain by hand, but this was still not a good place to work if you had a fear of electricity. Transmitter logs were pretty exciting reading, telling of antenna-house fires, hurried repairs on still-dangerous circuits, and rushed replacement of various melted or exploded parts.
god thats some cowboy shit
america hasnt been awesome like that since ive been alive
part of me hates how developed california is, like the whole logical human side of me

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heh @ when rectifiers were giant gas tubes
no idea
haha inorite
5w out, 300w in
new tubes every year
just really loud transformers?
they didnt need to because tubes are so fuycking microphonic?

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23:15 <@BlackMoon> or get a proper smps that actualy regulates.
pc smps *barely* regulate
most everything for audio, including digital vreg sources, are just untracked forward conversion
the circuits look complex buts its always related to creative protection and switch ic bootstrap
all shit does is chop up rectified mains and put it through transformers and a diode or fet bridge rectifier
commercial audio hates regulation
unregulated means they might gets some transients through without clipping, but the supply will drop out before shit dissipates too much
its sad really
all these people trying to economize and be efficient and make money at business and shit

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yo im not a conductor i just leak a lot

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i guessed counterweights

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ha that does not look center cutting
definitely not center cutting
some sort of countersink-bore?
it looks like it can bore a hole and then cut the countersink in the top, too

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why was that surprising?
ooooo, fixture damage sad
you leave the crash marks
as a reminder

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some oil cooled ones
slash deep fryer
wtf @ having to reset and reassociate all the speakers
and really maybe all thats wrong is it needs like a slightly longer timeout time
stupid computer speakers

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oh trip out i think hes doing bends with the fret thing
oh theyre just bouncing?
i can hear it
ha i think it has a mute behind the pick
this thing is so cool
120db is too loud i dont think it was 120db
sculptor: oh haha at description, he says the mute damper for the g string isnt attached
thats what im hearing
what did it do to your stove
the control electronics are dead?
finished it off
bypass all the things
rheostats to burner elements!

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but i have mad latency and my speakers are all confused, cant connect to the net
but theyre on my local network
sculptor: that is super neat
its a guitar player tho
mechanical guitar player playing a bass
almost sounds like synth the picking is so clean
yeah hes lifting every note so it has real sharp attack and release
i wonder if he needs to do that
seems like his setup should be able to do slides
think those are tortex picks (delrin)

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what do you mean found, thats like their most common form of transportation
i think im going to make a huge pot of badass spicy mushroom italian sausage pasta stuff
i hope trader joes has enough badass
i hope they have almond butter again
im like, look yo i dont care about salmonela, gimme the germs, i need almond butter
i dont think so
is it for fishing?
this is so fuckin lame
so i couldnt pay my cox bill because it didnt recognize my number
and if you pay with a real person they charge $10
so my shit got cut off and i called like hi wtf and they waived fee and now its fixed

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