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so im just going to get hobbyist eagle
then i can fit my thing
not like id be making money off of it for a long time anyway!
youre mean
ha whats that
weve used dicktrace
were not using diptrace
how much is it for a full license
can you actually see through layers?
oh fuck all that
i only need 2 layers
im not edu

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correct about kitchen chips?
looks more like correct anout NP[NNN]
neat drawings
so my guess is that for that schematic, they are trying to show off like, were smart we put the emitter current all over the place to reduce drift

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anyway they shouldnt be showin us that shit, obvious were only more confused for seeing it
right anyone in enough trouble that the schematic would help him should be on the phone with the manufacturer anyway
they might actually know wtf its doing
looks kinda cool
cap for a reset delay
okay so its just saying that shit is in parallel at the die level
yeah but doesnt say how
like if its two transistors on the die that are tied
or its like an NP[NNN]
why not you still have like 30 years or working to do
in 10 years prob make chips in your kitchen

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wtf typical application circuit
i cant buy those, yo
yeah they shouldnt be showing us that
i dont want to know that your mutant wafer transistor has three emitters
i just think it has to do with electrical characteristics
like maybe its for routing that much power on that die
one would dup to much power in one place and raise local temps and create drift
so its dispersed
anyway wtf @ typ app label, tho
yeah so maybe its like NPNNN
with N in parallel
so dump current over larger area
kevtris: lots of analog die circuit have it
i think the resistor with the line might mean laser trimed or some voodoo

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