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blackmoon: hihi
blackmoon: battery supply for mixed digital/analog system, has PLL clock recovery shits
1 ohm resistor followed by like 100uF
one set each for the PLL, digital regs, and analogs
sounds sane?

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timecop: and you solution still is?

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itll run from a directory without install
or it used to, 4.x eagle
but im wondering if it does pc specific stuff that might fuck itself

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its big
my grandma has one
shit picture
old res big TV always looked shit
so you think if install eagle to a dropbox
itll run fine from multiple computers?
or am i delusional
im doin it
each time?
okay nevermin fuck this i just put the project dir there

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T Igerdrink

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my phone takes good pics
and fast, i can usually snap off like 3 in a sec
and most of the time, all 3 are clear

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i got a sub from work

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