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like 100mA for the dac
30mA for the amp
figure another 20mA for the filter/buffer amps
another 50mA for the converter
so 200mA+ idle
so like ~3 hours on a 9v, maybe 1/3 that listening to music

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well i should get serious and start collecting datasheets and shit

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jaxdahl: shrug
1W per hour is prob fine
the dac is their flagship part, in terms of audio specs
my bet is its higher current
blackmoon: heh
but yeah, dual 9V internal batteries with dual barrel jacks is a good solution
because i can just use it with warts, or do a nice supply thats easy to jack in
jaxdahl: yes, i said that wrong
9V battery are more than fine
fuck that
energizer industrial 9V
like 5Wh

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blackmoon: dual DC input barrels?
proper DC supplies should be floated
well you could just plug in two of the same supply
and it would like ground them center tapped internally
and can do normal battery bypass with jack switches
fuck this is almost too easy
dont care
even an hour is fine
its going to use even less power than you think it is with normal signal, normal volume levels

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and i dont like how dual 9v will package
i want to do this in an aluminum extruded case
blackmoon: right
lithium ion batteries with like, dual chargers would be neat
macegr would prob be into it

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anyway, all the other chipamps are shit, low voltage stuff
and the TI chip has better THD specs than the one i designed and tested at CV
dual batteries doesnt package well
so maybe a little external supply
and connect with a miniXLR or some random circular jack
tiny toroid
just do like, 9V input, DC barrel jack bypasses the batter
and do one boost and one inverting switcher
and LDO the digital stuff
its just a standard max voltage for linear stuff
but yeah i dunno what to do
the switcher thing is totally doable, and can prob do it pretty well
but theres no way it doesnt degrade something
like, why pay for a $10 audio dac if you got weird subharmonic trash from the psu incoming
so i can linear vreg after the switcher
really i dont want to have switcher in the box
or even at all

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k i want to do sdpif input headphone amp
with expensive cirrus decoders and dacs
and expensive amps, etc
so i cant decide on psu
headphone amp wants +/-15V
TI chip with godspecs
and anything i would design would be same rails
so dual 9V batteries would be cleanest, but drama because i dont want to put a charging circuit in this
headroom, you dont use it
also some headphones want 200R series impedance
also you need like 7V for a watt into 16R
and the chipamp prob has a couple volts between max output and the rails

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mfkr chan
you sound like a typ korean

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several times on one convoy?
or on diff days

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