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and we tested it and it performs as well as youd think proper brit gear would
and they threw it in the rack and never used it
sucked because the firmware was slightly undoncumented
it was mostly like the retail stuff they sold and had manuals for
but not completely =\

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whats that do
oh, boom
haha sulfur
kevtris: hard to mix evenly?
you have to press it
sorry have no idea about stuff you are talking about
yeah like that dsp xover i found on the shelf at cv
XTA engineerng sample, no logo, just a black panel with button and lcd labels
they had three other dsp xovers they never even used

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Alfred Nobel used the properties of diatomaceous earth in the manufacture of dynamite.
pretty easy to make aluminum powder
you mill pockets, low speed, very low feed
and dont clear the chips and they get rechopped
horrible for the cutter
non ferrous metal is a horrible thing to do to a grinder
and fuck a file i can program the mill
i cant program the file
it melts
if you try and do anything with speed
like, you can use cutting lube, and it basically turns to paint
but itll keep the cutter cool
and yeah i dont think a coffee grinder or spice grinder would get it fine enough
kevtris: the one we ordered is late
was supposed to get here mid november
made in oregon!
guess they had trouble sourcing some of the parts

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but they eventually kick enough out of the way their trail establishes again
yeah i have =\
the cinnamon sucks to clean up
if the orange oil turns to drips and dries it leaves like a wax
wats that
The typical Chemical composition of oven-dried diatomaceous earth is 80 to 90% silica, with 2 to 4% alumina (attributed mostly to clay minerals) and 0.5 to 2% iron oxide.
if you get the silica out, you have thermite

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omg orange oil FUCKS ants up
20 seconds of freakout then dead
and you can like drink the shit
well, it has wax i think to stick to stuff
its from citrus peels
just saying you can use it all over the kitchen you dont have to freak out like nerve toxins everywhere
i guess like dissolves the lining of their lungs or something
goo gone is citrus degreaser?
kevtris: ants
and they have holes
that they breathe with, like equiv of a lung
they dont like cinammon
they spaz out, theyll fall off walls and shit

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omfg my dank has a seed
i almost smoked that
because they are soft and squishy
more than a cantelope even

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