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hipot testing is kind of that nuts

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and yeah i seen mom cat, looks huge

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what is this cat stream
yeah, this is neat

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yeah mechanicals on those things are not friendly
talking to the scroll

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honestly, situations like this could eventually lead to some sort of agreement
notice its the only time anyone pays attention

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yeah fuck going places its wet and im hungry
also if a guy like that doesnt have some sort of female or gay lover kicking it in a little bed on the floor next to the dogs, thats his problem
permanent change of cultural principles
war sucks
i think its sad we cant exist without governments telling us what to do while stealing our resources
but hey, people are mean
you prob would be too given the same circumstances

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macegr: ha the artists turns out to be a somebody

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have fun getting that on your scope and/or datalogger
the fuck is she holding

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i dont believe in nyquist
you just did it
your measuring current
figure out the adc after
so you want to see like 0 - 500uA
its .0011*.0005
like half a uV

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stackpole h\aha
2512, nice
youre trying to see nothing levels of current at towards microwave speeds
how did you think this was going to be cheap and easy
i thought you were looking at faster shit
no i mixed up some of your timing numbers
anyway, speed is just how much money youre going to pay

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a .001 resistor is a joke, if youre even going to try you need to build like a faraday cage around it
well, buy an smd shield frame and cover
if you need it to look pro
most 0R resistors are way more than .001R
most terminals on resistors are more than .001R
your shit is prob from china
does it say vishay on it or what
fool thats a.01
.001, wtf
look .01 is almost unreal
that resistor is like a 2lb bus bar
they shrunk it, with technology and shit
fuck man the solder from the pad to the terminal of a .001 resistor is going to be more than .001

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looks like its just an sma connector
well it sounds like you need a better one for sure
naw read the spec
they clearly defined current vs time in the manual for the probe we had at work
and when they read it, they had these looks like, oh fuck we burnt it out thats why none of the probes match
because theyre good transformers, not ideal imaginary ones
youre in the noise floor
prob your whole signal, let alone big changes
what resistors you using to load this line up?
or its an antenna or what
get some copper foil
or adhesive copper tape, and capton tape

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youre prob in the noise floor
says up to 1ghz
and i think you plug that into your circuit, so you gotta figure out connectors and how to hack it into existing circuits
i think so
its just a transformer, current through it pops up as voltage on the scope
because its prob old
and its prob been abused so the shit isnt super accurate anymore
pretty sure you can burn them out, i doubt your application is going to do anything to it tho

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anyway hook it up, you might get a signal
current probe, make sure its high bandwidth
you have a tek, right?
get a current probe from tek
dont buy it from a ghetto place, get a new one
Characterize Current Waveforms up to <200 ps Rise Times
The CT6 provides up to 2 GHz bandwidth when used with high-bandwidth oscilloscopes such as the Tektronix TDS694C, TDS794D, and TDS7000 Series oscilloscopes or with other compatible 50 ? input measuring instruments.
you need 50R input
what are you trying to measure?

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anyway, it means the opamp across the current sense resistor is low pass filtered at like 10khz
either that or the response just goes nuts, but its likely just defining the unfiltered bandwidth of the amp
do you need ac current waveforms?
fucker you bought that thing instead of a current probe?
yeah but pulses how fast?
most current probes dont go super fast either
you didnt say that when you bought the thing you just said HEY DOES THIS WORK
its an opamp, unfiltered it wont have more than couple hundred khz of usable bandwidth at best
and its prob filtered below 20khz
but its hard to say with a .1dB spec
and it could just go nuts after that

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they wont survive next week
so two opa4134 (4ch BB audio opamp for ninja assassin applications)
would prob make a decent headphone amp
like, for one channel, through like a 1R resistors to share load,
it means it can measure current up to two kilohertz
thats really good
sure it does, every voltage waveform has a corresponding current waveform that i guess youve never thought about
ohms law doesnt stop at 100khz, it just starts getting more complicated

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