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<.0005 you stop seeing stuff, and its hard to feel
yeah speeds and feeds on a lathe is inside out to what im used to

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thats chip load
yours is like combination of feed and speed
so your chip size is that number divided by the number of flutes
so you decrease your linear feed rate or increase your spindle speed until your chip size is smaller
like, for fine finish, .001" isnt that visible
youll prob still see toolpaths (unless your spindle is perfectle perpendicular)
but you prob wont see cut marks
when you look close you maybe do, thats like 1/3 hair width
but you can feel it, .001 cuts
but you still feeling cuts a bit smaller than that

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then do this math: ohms = (12V-Vf)/If
find the If of the led too
hamsolo: youre not helping
because more cuts, so a flatter surface
like, the tools leave behind a sawtooth pattern when they cut, if you look at a cross section
so more cuts produces a shallower sawtooth
also, if you cut faster, the cuts are closer together and you eyes and touch kind of blend them better
yeah your feedrate isnt what i normally consider 'feed'

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kingadroc: keeps itself pretty clean
kapton everywhere
heh at bank of kapton wrapped dsubs with thumbscrews
a 12v resistor, nice
hamsolo: find the vF of the led

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blackmoon: hihi
haha srs
the reporters just hgappen to be there now
man fuck that, like $5 for a molotov cocktail now
blackmoon: i get it in growlers!

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