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put a 12V zener, a couple red LEDs with Vf=~2V, and a 220 ohm resistor
parallel with the regulator input, to ground
itll light up around 17V
actually just put one red led
itll start glowing around 15V and get brighter as voltage goes up
obviously i am assuming a lot and this circuit wont work well in a lot of scenarios
but prob you just have to tweak the resistor if the input voltage is potentially super high

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noone is sure what you mean
opamps need supplies
sometimes big ones
well use a zener ref, or get one of those active vrefs
and then yeah voltage divider, look up comparator circuits
you should put hysterysis on it
else the circuit is boring as fuck
and itll help you understand latching circuits in general
cat chasing its tail shit

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08:28 < timecop> renesis said the shit would be a cheap chinese 7segment for lcd
i did not
i said the displays looked shopped
which doesnt mean the real displays look different, but they might look shittier or have a shitty backlight
ive never seen it called that hehe

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