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seriously i dont even think those wireless boxes exist until they order one
then they give the image to the factory and make 100
anyway, UHF stuff should be cheap because cant use it here or in europe or who knows, new shit is GHz

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they just buy and import off the shelf
they been doing it since the 80s
the company is prob 2 people part time, freight guys
the LCD in that is shopped
because pixels, anyway, its just going to be an HD44780 or whatever that chip is
timecop: most of guitar center audio uses that model
Pyle is like, shit you find in a music shop downtown
with Gemini and weird unbranded gear
theyve been doing it for like 15+ years before the rest of consumer and pro audio caught on
ultrachina gear
theyre chinese
they have a lot of time to do shit
when you add them all up
that shit looks like shopped panel on generic image of wireless setup

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like, for a stage, you really want at least two channels
its wireless, its never going to work right
pls2apply the dsp mitigations
i told you
you think they come out with new shit and charge less for it?
what is that
i know, link, brand, something
fucking long blurry shot wtf
anyway, the expensive digital shit is made in china
dont buy anything branded Pyle
thats just a personal rule
id prob recommend a behringer first

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wait why dont you want ghz shit
exjob doesnt do low freq wireless
and cheap shit is likely analog
digital stuff will find the best freq to use, and put all channels on that
typically when they dropout they just mute instead of making any sort of noise of causing distortion
but yeah wireless isnt cheap, $500 seems about right for something with a couple channel out and a flashy LED/LCD UI in sexy extruded aluminum chassis type deal

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timecop: check out shit from exjob is $500 seems like too much

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omg black sun empire: new album!?

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