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could just use logic fets and PWM them through resistors
macegr prob done a ton of research for chips like that
(shiftbrite is shift regs + 3 ch LED drivers)
dman i started kettle for coffee and then fell asleep a little bit

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`nico: macegr: going to be in bay area 23rd/24th
we should fuck cheap coke and sniff lines of hookers
or get a beer, or something
do you just want something that works or you really want to design/build something to drive LEDs?
ledsupply.com, check out buck pucks
these have an enable you can PWM for brightness, i think up to 1KHz
like $10-$20 each depending on features, youll need 3
work up to 1A, i think
theyre little potted boxes with wire or PCB pin breakouts
im assuming these are big LEDs
right this wont work as well for that
okay little guys
do you need it to be way efficient?

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prob bone conduction
i dont think it would be super difficult to transmit sensations through the skin via electrodes based on music content
actually it seems rather simple, and i bet you could learn to decode it, especially if you were deaf
shocking people doesnt sell well, tho

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