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macegr: the bold trains on the map run all night!
i didnt =\

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midnight and 75F is pretty sweat
you see what i did there
who the fuck is jason
was he otherguy at booth?
i think i remember
mostly i remember accordian girl
you were busy inside
i get her and her band people beers
for an accordian girl pinup calandar
also i bought this art book 'a gasmask a day project'
is like maybe 50 pages of mostly ink and watercolor drawings of chicks in gasmasks
and one squirrel
with biohazard acorns

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tekrad: already in the budget
you mean where you live
dude i lived in the SF valley, 10F hotter than LA and 20F than the beaches
fuck no a/c
my elec bill is huge in the summer i know it its accounted for
it has timer macegr
it turns itself off (!)
also nights when its fucked upp hot are amazing
(this is in a non fucked up humid place tho)

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for $1300 i get a place on the big local culture st, like their melrose blvd, right where it cuts from commercial to residential
and its kind of a nice place, very old, but okay
it has a bed frame that like swings out of a closet and unfolds
straight 30s detective shit
it seems to still work, maybe needs some oil
but whatever i put my bed there where it folds out and then i have space in front of windows for desk/pc and theres a shared balcony
very spanish mission city in style, so courtyard view from balcony is okay
so yeah fuckit i throw my $100 deposit down tomorrow and apply for that
$100 is prob 4 months rent on a studio where tekrad lives
its prob gone by tomorrow morning
its $200 over budget but not really

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basically its a semester lease on a nice place in a hostel annex
its a room with a fridge in the corner (on the carpet) and a bathroom, and thats it (because id have them rip out all the furniture, which they said they would do
and its like $300 cheaper than anything for miles
besides some ghetto 1 bedrooms remind me of little TJ in the valley
haha smells the same
like the residue of decades of mexican cooking
layer of rotted condensed lard or something
one place above a liquor store was kind of cool, but they keep the trash up on the balcony stair landing and it stinks, that was $200 more in the same area
`nico: east euro exchange students!
and backpackers

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haha @ bringing females to shack
okay, so bugs, rats, maybe mold, loud drunks, prob get ripped off, atmosphere at night prob screams rape
i thought she was a SJ kid?
i would move to brooklyn but job does not have an office there
i think aguilar bass amps is in brooklyn
they prob like 11.5 employees, tho
i think they final assemble there too

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`nico: yeah, neat freeway layout tho
spokes and hubs
pretty sure that was austin
so i prob apply for the place on state
the other places i saw a bit too slum
wtf is nerd bird
you guys are slackin off, not puttin enough butts in seats
`nico: pls2say housing advice
tho i think this one is maybe ovious

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or maybe the piece of shit 5" m-audio refs
but the huge reason i want this place
besides the low price and its 'hole' status, which was kind of the goal
its 3 blocks from work
i could crash and save mad money for like 6 months
`nico: mfkr
also hi
fuckit i try and get the pimp place on the blvd
pls2read housing discovery
$400 more a month when housing and car is about 1/3 your net income is mad money, no?
because that is the post transitional goal
to kick it and save money, try and relax
where is here
and is it 75F all year long at the beach?

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okay so i looked at some places today, school semester lease, the cottages of some hostel like 1 mile away close to the beach
its a room with a fridge and a microwave, bathroom, communal area, studios are like on top of each other
a walkway between little cottages so narrow im like, shit will my bike even fit?
its like $400 less than the nice single on the main commercial/culture blvd
the big reason i dont want to stay in the hole
besides the review on the net mentioning fucked plumbing, bugs and rats, mold
is that they offer single night stays for like $100 or some shit
so at some point, my shit is getting ripped off
which means i cant get my nice audio out of storage
have to get by on the onosendai speakers from work

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