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the engine is subura but the engine management is toyota, so fuck knows what it drives like
car reviewers suck dick, almost nothing mentioned about throttle latency in any reviews for my car, but its like known issue and big annoyance on forums

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efex: anything fun, and they dont care about legality of the car
as long as it fits within a class, there is stock and modified classes
its basically, attack cones in a parking lot at sub freeway speeds
so like, freeway on ramps, off ramps, that kind of driving
but yeah, the tC is front wheel drive and the drive by wire is a bit retarded
its basically a camry stick drivetrain with one less gear and a really short final gearing
and a ridiculous accelerator pedal mapping and unpredictable variable valve timing
once you are moving its fine, way fun, but downshifting is not so awesome because rev matching is difficult with the 1cm of usable pedal range
if the fr-s isnt retarded the same way, do want

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kind of want to trade current toyotacar for one of those
yeah pretty much
its not like a lab manager version of macegr is very far from normal macegr
and fuck that
i just dont laugh as much when people in the lab fuck with him
what is big event
914 = awesome car
efex: i want something i can take autocrossing
the tC is fun, its actually an awesome touring car
it loves the freeway

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normal driving position = can easily smash clutch into firewall
then adjust all the other things
if automatic, = can easily smash accelerator into firewall
like on the volvo i would be almost sitting straight up, like soccer moms and race car drivers
in other peoples g35, caddy cts, am like way leaned back in seat
in toyotacar i am kinda in between

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rab: knee is kinda swollen
but its super responsive to stretching and continuous movement
but yeah when i first saw it swollen i thought my knee cap had shifted all out of place, but ive confirmed symmetry of bony parts
no but i wonder if that is next
after sleeping, and after driving to LA and back, first dozen steps rly sucked
my boss still reminds me of you
no it was just weird for a few seconds while i was starting my car, messing with stuff
i put it back right after i did that
he is like a lab manager version of macegr

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