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dude i read old shit on there and most of the time i have no idea whats going on

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wow my dick cracks smartphone glass
thats like a compliment tc
also a possible segment on some sort of xxx gameshow
porno peen vs gorilla glass

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rab is like, productive and stuff
im the stoner
company pays!
hahah in korea it was "company pays?"
that sucked
so i scratched the scratchproof galaxy nexus glass
saw that coming...

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till magma welts the copper into a flange so it never comes out
what if you dont have a water table
this town is dead past 10p
capinteria, likw 10mi south
like $40 cheaper a night =D
if i get a place soon im going to get a couple nights at some buffy hotel
and throw their comforter on the floor in the corner
holiday inn express are okay
the one in hayward i stayed in like 6 times, at least

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also maybe i get commercial space and split it up and try and rent out shop/lab spaces with some communal junk
rab: omg yes
well like, thats the only way i can think of to get a place the size/price i want
storage spot as lab is retarded, few people suggested
wont have enough power, shit will get ripped off
and its prob illegal 10 diff ways
power and grounding issues
yeah that too
just the pole?
well, prob lifted
haha fuuuu

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but the storage scares me more... (have all my bedding, towels in a big fitted sheet sac, all my clothes in hampers and landry baskets in the room)
storage had a rat trap
hopefully it kills bugs too
i know thats exactly what i was thinking!
there are maybe four places by the uhaul place, i can shop around
trip out tho, it would work
im prob moving into a single so thats prob close to what will live like
im getting a place i can fit a queen bed, and a 2x4' desk with a TV on the wall above it
visitors can stay on an air mattress in the kitchen or something
make way more, spend less on rent, put money in savings hole
this is like, newhome plan
like 2mi from work max
im not sure but maybe just use work
3 weeks in and i've locked up the building for the night

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rab: yeah they made my bed =\
i told the lady not to clean on monday too
motel 6 doesnt have a do not disturb sign wtf...
i pulled up the fitted sheet, both locations are fine
my guess is the change the matresses on a schedule
i pull the bedspread and throw it in the corner too
eventually they get that i dont want it on there
yeah supposedly this is bedbug SOP

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shopping for apartments is not so fun

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