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`nico: i did throw awal all furnitures except bed and this plasma tv touring case with big casters (awesome coffee table)
looking right now
tho financially, it makes sense to stretch temp housing out as loooong as possible

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i left a couple nice 500VA dual pri, dual sec toroids
thats about it, and my shelves
i was going to take them last, but at end didnt want to carry them to the car =\
fuck this hotel is 500ft from the beach, but the wifi is on like 56k
carpinteria place better be hooked up like monkeys korea

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interitus is optimus christ
`nico: i are homeless! company pays
(hotel, stuff in storage)
did not throw enough stuff away
but really at the end if the truck had crashed and then exploded and all my stuff was gone i would have been so happy!
heh, movers showed up more than an hour late, my and friends were more than half done, so didnt need them so saved bunch of money
well i figure that happens a lot when i unpack

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