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like, i refreshed page, watched -$800 happen, called, refresh few minutes later, its liie +800
and they followed up in email to make sure it got credited back

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doesnt mean they make money on it
i bet it has to do with how theyre zoned or pay taxes or who knows
Many stores also have a Swedish Food Market that until the fall of 2011 sold Swedish-made, Swedish-style groceries, such as Swedish meatballs, packages of gravy and various Scandinavian biscuits and crackers, as well as salmon and salmon roe.
what does it mean 'until fall of 2011'
KEA store at Port Island in Kobe, Japan, one of the very few IKEA stores with direct mass transit access.
okay the weird thing about that statement is that it would mean there are others with direct public transportation access
well i havent called them
i should
when nike found out someone else had used my info to buy shoes they took care of that shit in like 30 seconds

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i bet the glue is too stiff and gets on the suede and where it transistions it creates a stress point, both shoes are fucked the exact same way
thats fucked
how far are you from them?
thats fucked
talk to a manager at once of the stores and just ask him to work something out, youll pay for shipping
or how many cabinets is it
is it going to be like $400 in shipping?
i would totally just get on the phone with someone
the manager prob have shit shipped out all the time
yeah you have to talk to a person and get him to break a rule
pretty much rolling dice but if it saves 4 hours of driving
at ikea?
who shops for food at ikea...
this is not sweden or norway or wherever the fuck ikea is from
people dont shop for food at the furniture store

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after only like 4 months, both shoes within two weeks
design flaw or manufacturing issue or who knows but theyre fucked
they dont do that twisted leather flame anymore?
aaaw shit
i wanted these anyway but they dont stock them at the puma store in santa monica
they didnt even want to order them, theyre like, we new balance LA, were not the online store, we have nothing to do with them
but the guy sold me the shoes i got was wearing the shows i wanted =( =( =(
they have the same rubber glues to suede toe tho

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the underground.
guys i need moar shoes
and then ill wear diff ones every day and theyll last forever
new strategy
dont buy these
the toe part of the sole ripped off the front of the toebox, just tore the suede

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i still feel kinda guilty about it
yes especially since she had already done it, so couldnt make her track car lighter like that

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ha weird
rab: multiple vaginas have been confirmed!
the drift 'girl' never made it out, turned out hers wasnt real =\
then she maybe suicided but no one knows for sure
which part?
anyway, its horrible but #cars used to have quote bot with force like:
<force> i know how you can make your car lighter
<force> you can cut off your penis
that shit was soooooooo funny

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man every time i click on something facebook, it pops up the fb login and it has my exexgf's email pre-entered
peteberge: yeah, i usually feel relieved when she doesnt call me back
sirhoax: like the bit net, or efnet girls

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sucks when you see like, *all* the jungle dj you want to see, one event, then it turns out to be 5000 miles away
most of them seem to have abandoned their pages in favor of facebooks and soundclouds, like the rest of the world
yeah i didnt get it
i mean i got it, but i was still looking for the normal site
i didnt get that they would really redo the whole site like that i thought some artists had just hacked up the page layout, or maybe that was a display option in the profiles
sirhoax: welcome to normal people
oh now they have both logos
where are the peg people
why isnt it telling me this is a place for friends

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06:57 < `nico> timecop, I thought you were more redneck and less hipster
hes eskimo
or whatever you call an a alaskan redneck
man i clicked on random ebook chapter and it was totally the aleut falling asleep on the skater girl
which of course instantly made me think of you
fuck i almost need a facebook
because most jungle promoters and artists are getting lazy about posting to the web sites
junglescene is a los angeles scene site, and the only shit ever posted now is from san diego and the UK (wtf)

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