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i guess if you had two you could have it compensate
like at a known altitude diff
if it changes
but i dont think it has the resolution to do it effectively, unless you had one sensor on like a 10ft pole

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i guess a mic would be better at this and that kind of seems like insanity
have it connect to weather reports and calibrate itself

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timecop: whats the response time on that thing?
i wonder if it could do up to like 100Hz with predictable attenuation
can it stream that fast?
or thats just the fastest youre going to get something back from it
yeah not fast enough
oh wtf
whats the resolution?
0.5ms is 200hz
i guess cant be used for subwoofer feedback because the latency

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timecop: ha cool @ door glitch

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newjob got me a thinkpad \o/

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what linux are we on
gentoo is neat
or used to be
didnt like it as much after they did the gui installer thing
bash + instructions ftw
i think last time i actually compiled a kernel it was 2.6
haha @ backups?
LFS 4 ev0r
i did that shit twice!

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hehehat cascaded c: backups
theres usually a _desktop or some shit in the path
is that some basic

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