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ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu (all out of bubbies pickles)

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because they look tiny
and the ID is like, solidworks tutorial #2
curves take too long to render, set the schedule back, bant by apple project management

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is rab still in LA?
rab: status of rab
there is meteor shower + venus + saturn + moon and i am stuck in a big abandoned building with roof access
away from main blob of city lights but i wonder if building lights will be a prob
it all lives on the wrt?
could make a bunch and toss them around like mines

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macegr: the guy who will eventually be managing me looks so much like you
liike my first interview you walk up to me and go, uuuh remove this xtal, jumper these ssop pins, remove this sot23, replace this 0201
its weird
i hope it goes away
because viting you when you look like my boss might get old
and then someone leaks that its you
plus people on drugs
that you look like my boss?
or your http://trollface generator
heh, wake up at 5pm, get some wingstop
i did nats cafe then sleep at 10a
oh shit

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and they wonder why turnover is like record high levels
but i cant complain so much at getting paid to sit in my car and play android games
it just sucks when it becomes your career because you cant go do real work that day
yeah nexus has shit speaker
my power supply is noisy tho have to try another one
maybe i make one
linear reg maybe has decent PSRR against car ingition
haha i turn audio signal off, have usb power and aux cable plugged in, stereo up
and i hear some harmonic of my engine
which is fun because my car is ridiculous quite
no u

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o hi
jet lagged, gone nowhere
coming back is worse tho
nowhere, i just take all midnight to 8am shifts for remote speaker testing
because like, at least im on a schedule
because they dont want us doing 8 hours of babysitting then coming into the shop to do real work for 8 hours
well its my project so im on it everyday
then i have to schedule the lab and QA techs
like, they wont even consider me for the senior tech position but they got me doing the tech managers shit (they gave up on hiring a manager, we just run headless)
like, whole company is like an onion of middle management
but the techs report direct to a VP

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