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you cant do half the volume of something with a center

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yeah its odd and kinda organic looking

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yeah big diff in how the core and the other stuff looks
like the density and snakeyness
i think its metal layer
its what the pads connect too
yeah thats what the traces are made out of
the thing connected to the oscillator pads is all crazy looking
the random slightly duplicated pattern + random?

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looks like he left the internets in 2006
neat planets
okay, time to pay all the bills
no i just remember
and i was playing vendetta a lot
so i kinda had something to put it into context
vendetta got stupid when they released
in beta it was like 11 areas
and maybe like 6 hidden ones
so was always crowded, least a couple people in each area
but then it became like, universe is made of like 30 sectors
each sector is a 10*10 grid of areas
blackmoon: so it became like desolate
like i would see people chatting but id hardly ever actually see real player ships in game

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testing the etch
looks neat
yeah weird two of the pads just go through big snakey things
maybe resistors
like traces are more than two pads long and folds back on itself maybe 6 times
kevtris: neat, seems like a good way to test that

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wow nice

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fuck laundry
i should prob go get a red bull or something

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multiple 3d dimensions
well, a 4th dimension
or 5th if youre already counting time as the 4th
oh god thats hard
so 9*3-1
yeah sucks, now it makes sense
im going to play with google phone more instead pf packing
tho i should try and take like three trips to the dumpster today

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to-220 is just normal
to-218 is er337
its 0.2" space, way fatter pins and tab
tho i think i said that same thing about to-220s as you did, in here like probably 8 years ago
theres a couple other packages similar to to-218
SMD stuff is hard to heatsink
say no

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