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yeah that doesnt seem super hard if its not done like that already
like, almosy anything could work
haha do the world as layers of PNG or something
god that kind of hurts my brain
a world a PNG cubes made up of flat slices of PNG
yeah i guess my idea is somewhat same but it actually compresses shit
you could make worlds like thousands of blocks deep, too
whats RLE
dude dungeon romps
like, 1000 dungeons deep, each has to be like 4 to 30 blocks high

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im about to crash out but keep reminding me
what kind of game you doing?
hey that might actually spread
theres gotta be millions of people almost sick of that game
well, just add badass shadows/lighting/particles/dynamic textures to the blocks and you got some win

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so what do i do?
k i dont get it more splain pls
oh because us only?
well, if its not totally illegal, maybe
well i want to learn c++ but i dont think ill have time to do much consistent for awhile
dunno, have to see what new job is like
yeah thats true
dude you fire an rf packet at it
it comes back, you log the time
you do it again, compare the return time to last one
keep doing it
that + math will tell you speed
youre shit is going at the speed of light
yeah that doesnt sound like too big a deal
prob doesnt take too much time?

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youre shit prob isnt fast enough to do it with RF
dount it, its just a scanning artifact from the CCD most likely
and that has nothing to do with RF
monkeyisl: thats in korea, no?
that much?
but i heart how korean mountains are all super green like the santa monica mountains in early spring
so how is your led project going
a what?
a what?
on like, a bike

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ram on the mbp are soldered to the mobo
its the newest one
its where they are going
and a mac being a pc is pretty fail in of itself
pay way more money for something prone to overheating that cant run proper engineering apps
i work at an engineering company thats all about musicians gear
we dont use macs for shit in engineering
if it cant be used for engineering, its not a real computer, status toy
anything can be used for media creation
musicians and artists are notoriously succeptible to marketing
so its understandable
efex: because pc can be used for anything
my exgf liked apple because her family bought it for her
my frend girl likes her ipod because it was a gift from her parents
my friend likes his iphone because someone got it for him
most people i know paid for their apple shit complain
measure what

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in engineering, macs arent used
macs are for marketing and sales
because they can use *anything*
shit they can prob do there jobs with nokia java apps from 2004
no dude in common engineering, its pc
right you work in media creation
which you can do on a pc
no one uses acad anymore
anyway, macs are trash
status symbols, overpriced, useless
hahaha what
dude $600 is prob the cheapest mac
$600 is a pretty badass pc
macs are also unservicable
dude if you dont know that apple branded shit is based on marketing and status, im sorry
im not going to debate it
theyre not servicable, theyre barely configurable, theres very little software available for them, theyre overpriced
an old mac
and dude
if youre going to argue that macs are as servicable as pc gear, im going to ban you

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