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did it have prices?

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those are worth hundreds of dollars, you dont just leave those around
readerror: get whatever fluke you can afford
theres prob like $5 in that price range to choose from

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rab: do you know about the la weekly?
you can try the website, but there are free in a lot of resteraunts, clubs, bars, street boxes, etc
but lots of event and club and gallery listings
gotta read your la weekly, else you miss everything cool
reading them a weekly late is like DAMN DAMN FUCK DAMN NOOOOO
*week late

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and downtown is like built up now, commercially
no one who hasnt been in the last 5 years believes
my guess is all that shit is within a couple square miles

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fuck ya
rab: hi
let you know tuesday, see them again monday
i got like butterflies or something but *every* friend person is like, dumbass youre going
heh, sundays is smog, anything dnb would prob be empty
yeah i usually try and get to the beach
like county line, but i think thats a bitch on a bus
theres lots of galleries and shit, downtown
they do an artwalk thing every 2nd thursday, everygallery doing a show, but theyre prob all open on sundays
this is like, hipster central
like a wasteland for bums
nothing is bum friendly anymore

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