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not you, jennie_
meh, werq
maybe she is an azn
or estonian

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clearly you dont know the storie of jussie
but you are a transexual?

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toroids are more expensive
shielding is more expensive

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readerror: sorry missed the question
i use pcb gcode with imperial dimensions, i think you can set it up both ways
or it uses whatever eagle is set to

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readerror: standard parts, i've been using a mastercam plugin for solidworks
mcam x2 i think, maybe x3
for PCB, i use pcb-gcode.ulp and eagle
just works with eagle native files, not gerbers
timecop: lpc stuff is cheap
seen it in a lot of products
also AVR is push-pull out, pullup or hi-z in
fuck if i know
oh, open drain
and yeah i havent fucked with my stm discovery thing since i managed to get code into it

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ttmustang: think so
or it might just run into the next function, heh
least thats how it works when you fuck up like that with asm
maybe depends how the compiler decided to pack your functions
timecop: adjust the 10k if its not fast enough or it rings
tomatniy: my guess is it means timer output 2
timecop: just saying so you dont have to ask next time without at least trying that
tomatniy: no, but optos usually are and the transistor is labled CE
really it just has to source current, doesnt have to sink

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thats a switch
thats pretty digital, tbh
stop being a dork
we know you know how to learn
no, he posted the schematic

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yeah i can tell you how for $100
yeah that wont work well
well its sad that after doing this for what like 5 years? he still cant figure out an open collector device
timecop: how do you live
pin 2 to gnd
pin 1 to 5V through 10k
with current in the LED, pin 1 will go low
without current in the LED, pin 1 will be high
you owe me $100

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