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well, make sure chip select goes low far enough before the clock starts pulsing
and look for junk with the scope
yeah not looking through code now =\

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it takes 100ns for the chip to wake up
at 20mhz, your cycles are like 50ns
so then thats prob not your problem
well your shit isnt going fast so i dont think its timing
shouldnt be an issues, not like youre bitbanging it
is there a way to set clock polarity in the spi control regs?
maybe shit is backwards so its not clocking in the last bit
tho that would make sense if it hung on the 4th byte, not the 2nd

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whats wrong with it
do you have a scope?
if you have a scope, put it in 10x mode and look for junk
well, if youre sure its not your code, i would make sure there isnt noise of crazy overshoot on the lines
im not sure what you mean
like what turns it into a spi pin instead of gio?
master controls it

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