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maybe after a few minish passes?
looks like a mold for a tv chassis

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rab: anything dayton audio is partsexpress brand
so like, i think the general assumption is theyre doing distribution, so theyre prob making more profit while being able to put out a better product

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testing those things prob gets messy heh
yeah i saw the exciters but theyre all little
shrug, could have totally diff specs, performance
prob 2/3 of all the speaker frames, for all the brands they sell, come from 2 or 3 factories
its like legos
couple spider and surround factories, couple paper and composite cone factories, plastic cones and foam/rubber surrounds you can prob do almost anywhere, few frame factories, fuck if i know whats up with magnets
probably still a lot of magnet companies, lots of things need magnets

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you prob wouldnt feel it so much but they might go to higher freq
youre trying to start and earthquake!?
i dunno tactile range seems like a subjective spec
im reading 300-862
oh damn i think they might be filled with ferrofluid

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so i got a little 4xAAA battery pod thing from work
i think im going to get high and play bass guitar in bed with headphones
rab: shakers?
ive nevr experienced one but they seem pretty neat for theater/game stuff
but yeah, kinda how speakers is about the room, shaker is prob about the couch, or chair, or wall, or whatever
you want a heavy pro audio driver
checked parts express for shaker datasheets?

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damn i think all his sets are gone

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not sure what you mean
i meant your uncle is probably fine, if he lived a good life
i dont know if he ever produced anything
dnbradio.com prob still has mp3 of his shows up (they archive everything but i dont know how far back or if there are gaps)
aw, googling him pops up sad DOA posts

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topic is somewhat redunandant
i think nrgetik was from long island
dj on dnbradio.com (#dnbradio)
died of a heart condition, last couple years, known for particularly hard sets, lots of breakcore and hardcore
when i was traveling through NYC alone few years ago he came down and we drank a 6 pack walking around manhatten
he probably fine

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my laser cutter ends star destroyers
hypnocat: we probably wouldnt be very surprised if you made it big
we likely wouldnt respect you much more
example = timecop
hey timecop has come a long way since juarez animu translating
and yet also made no progress at all
haha ya i love bringing that up

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was searching those part numbers on google
assuming its a flat removable panel (they aren't, always)
you can just use a drill press and sharp drills
for big holes, they have those stepped single flute drill bits
yeah what rab says
if you have to ask, you need a machinist to do it for you
yeah those will work if you get the right one for the size metal you are doing
kind of ugly but most panel mount electronics have flanges that will cover up the rough edges
you can also get it close with the nibbler and file it to finished size
welcome to prototype fabrication
thats just makes him a normal boutique builder, rab

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frl, you speak and understand english
shit i fell off freenode
i miss the swede cyberpunk dorks =(
hypnocat: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Penn-Elcom-R2100-1UK-Vented-Steel-Rack-Box-9-Deep-/320750043127#ht_2566wt_1192
penn elcom is good shit

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they have up to 3u, 2 levels of quality for each size
neat its all aluminum
hypnocat: yeah if youre not in a rush i would look around ebay, i have a friend who gets a lot of chassis from usa manufacturers from ebay for reasonable prices
search like '1u rack'
because some people will call them chassis, some cabinets, some enclosures
hypnocat: truth, but it wont eliminate what good

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you prob mean for cheap?
because theyre widely available in a range of styles and quality if you have money
if not, best bet is buy some crap/broken/useless gear and reuse the chassis
like maybe $60-100 for 1u
totally guessing
some enclosure you can remove the panels
usually rhe front, especially anything with fancy machined aluminum panels
see if you can find a penn elcom distributor, and check ebay for manufacturer shops

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