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usually, yeah
blackmoon: propylene was standard smoke machine fluid, but some performers complained about it
because some people seem to be allergic, so i think theres an alternative now
er, propylene glycol

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i thought danger is like /!\
and (!) is like OMG but just a little bit

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it probably involves gears and greased wood pins

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built in the 60s or 70s, painted 30 times, crappy new carpet, vinyl floors
only use registers if you constantly access it
or you need whats in there especially fast
you are making the cpu?
for a tea maker an arduino would prob work
talk to
and no homework

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talk to tomat
plus $150/month for utilities - includes electric, water, gas, trash pick-up, recycling, gardener.
stupid hippie (looking for places in topanga)
if all the utils are flat rate why dont you just put that in your rent listing
i guess obviously because if they did their place wouldnt have even popped up in my search
damn and i would still have to pay for internets
no, they dont seem to pop up in craigslist
for what i want i could prob do better than craigslist just driving around and calling numbers on signs on apt buildings
theyre almost all the same

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it nops?
or what
i didnt like whatever delay routine i found
hopefully its better now
my shit starts as deathloop: rjmp deathloop but i usually end up putting something lower priority in there

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rab: hihi

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