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well for simplicity, kinda

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air conditioner

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man fuck that guy
bad example, would go around fucking with animals acting like theyre not dangerous
guy had it coming

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Magenta has no wavelength attributed to it, unlike all the other spectrum colours.

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haha @ magenta does not exist
i call new shirts bright black
and when they are all broken in, they are faded black!
and its a color
thats a mix of black and greys
yeah but theres like 200 close enough
dark enough grey is effectively black
hell by your narrow definition, grey is hardly a color its just a brightness
drinking is bad mkay

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optics is same
some shit is more 'translucent' to RF and acoustics
like, functionally i deal with RF likes its really big light that doesnt fit into your eyes
but it does all the same shit
pc: heh
F117 is diamond shaped because thats all the computers in the 70s could model
and they didnt want to compromise the theoretical stealth capabilities for aeurodynamics
they found people who have diff types of cones
and i guess some people actually use them
so they get like two orders of magnitude more defined shades
yeah i bet

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this is like basic acoustics
well thats nice
so what if they are in the middle of the ocean?
they launch transmitter buoys to the top?
depends on the target

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how is a transmitter capable of detecting a submarine?
what are compensation magnets and why do they need to be removed before cutting down trees?
i thought sonar was audio freq
they FM the audio?
gpf: oh
yeah but why
no i mean why do they FM sonar
i always thought they sent out bursts for active and just listened to ambient the rest of the time
maybe they used it for comm too?

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