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or a lot of money

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but yeah that machine has to be more than 5 years old now, still behaves like since i broke it in
well, better with the new controller
fuck homebrew cnc
you can roll your own step drivers and feedback setups no issue, but you need seriously industrial machine tooling to make a decent machine tool, even a little one

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so cnc lives in friends garage now, and hes like hey can we cut a pcb for some quick shit im doing at work?
so i get there around 9pm, we install eagle on his wifes laptop and i make some parts and thrown down quick layout, figure out stupid pcb-gcode.ulp again, wake up and brush off cnc, replace fixture on the table, edit stupid pcb-gcode files so they run
drill, cut, and route a pcb, done by 1:00am
4 hours not bad, considering the pcb hadnt run code or cut anything since it had been there
<3 my taig
pcb came out a little thin, .016 came out like .008, but way consistent, just went to deep
.01, i think i used to go like .006 down into the copper

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