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^ awesome use of pewpewpew samples

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omg new concord dawn album soon

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haha @ enjoy the jail cell
like hes the president or something
perfect for bumper to bumper stop n go

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`nico: theres like view options and stuff
they might even live in a tab called "view"
macegr: disturbing but not new at all
ya look it says 2009

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you wont die

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it makes perfect sense when you learn what 80% to ignore

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a cad package has to have autocads feature set at least or its junk
draftsight seems pretty neat for 2d cad, tho
and its free
tonsofpcs: yeah you can console cad if you want
i think its mostly the same or similar syntax and prompts as acad

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oh god stfu
browsers crash in linux
i like linux for a lot of things but browsers dont becomes magically bugless on a lunix kernel
if you login
the_gfr|w: thats a browser feature, my firefox does that
my chrome is set to not do it, both on windows 7
anyway trying to watch something bbl
digikey doesnt have the resources to handle tubes

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yeah maybe by 2040
industry hasnt even gotten away from unbalanced interconnects
tonsofpcs: ours model other industry microphones!
i dunno if i would call them high end, as always value/price is a selling point
madi is neat
balanced snakes arent going away

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i dont think that will spec okay for audio use =(

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you would fail the fuck out of EMC
your project manager would be all pissy and your project will be on hold while you sprinkle capacitor dust across your PCBA
its just not an issue on pure analog IC based audio systems
in an image?
i dont think theyve ever been on particularly good terms the_gfr|w
if they were, the nvidia kernel driver and the nvidia oem driver would be virtually the same driver
in 2012?
even the new audio precision boxes dont use isolation transformers
sure as fuck cant use them making affordable audio gear

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almost none of it is
the system is a digital audio system
and AES is a digital audio stream, the details and messy parts have audio related reasons
any modern amp would keep the sine wave
class-d amps would ride HF on it, but the sine wave is still there
good enough filter will bring it back
class-a does exist is common audio
depends how the PSU are setup
because the control lines into the audio circuit, sense lines from jacks, PSU lines shared with or coupling from digital PSU
having to share grounds between analog and digital sections where layout is dictated by jack location
well for pure audio shit, you dont even really need decoupling caps at the ic
ive tested circuits measured fine across audio spectrum had nothing but the electrolytics at the PSU
you wouldnt get away with that in a digital audio system

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naw ccfl_man isnt doing homework
hes just being ccfl_man
ccfl_man: ceramic and film are fine for bypass caps
1uF and above, electrolytic is fine, but use ceramic or film in parallel with it
tonsofpcs: eh?
all i do at work is digital audio
can be annoying
CODECs = digital audio
you have analog buffers in and out of mixed analog/digital converters in and out of DSP processing

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