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teknique: sometimes the air is filtered enough it doesnt even smell like that
and its a diff smell when its green

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teknique: liquid mediums in trays and buckets is a lot more manageable than dirt
dirt is dirty
and heavy
it doesnt pour as well and you cant pump it
most of the downtime between grows is cleaning =\

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like as big as eck0s head
takes bugs dust and cat hair out of the air?
inlet air in my system
a lot of people just kind of run them in the middle of grows
carbon filters are common for that, big rooms will have ones like 5ft tall
with the blowers on top theyre over 6ft
and then the carbon filter will usually be wrapped in some loose particle filter material, mostly held on from the vacuum, usually like 1/2" thick
so carbon filter doesnt get super dusty
the air in a good grow room is amazing, super fresh and clean, crisp, constant room temp
especially after stepping out of LA air

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teknique: everything is hydro now, most the time homegrown=superpro
or a closet or a tent
teknique: yes and no? for size/potency/looks, indoor hydro is way better
but supposedly all the nutrients are bad for liver
hydro can get bugs
and mold
hepa filter intake ftw
i started doing a tent because cat hair problem
hepa filter made a big diff
i dunno i got a little one that clamps onto blower that clamps onto 6" duct
think the filter was under $100
and you can clean them
mine is a cone filter with a fabric element

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yeah, focus the heat on the pcb!
hot air with proper nozzle still maybe burn pcb
its not a matter of careful its a matter of how the board was fabbed
what pins
again, this takes more than a hot air gun
that was the original point
maybe hot today
im going to take a nap
you havent done anything that offensive or useless
well, yet
no i just mean right now in the last 20 minutes

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bga != homebrew, home servicable
you cant check that shit without xray equipment
this is why they dont hot air gun bga onto pcba
if you could assemble or rework like that, thats how china would do it half the time
timecop doesnt have xray shit timecop has a dentist
well right but he doesnt posses an xray machine
the dentist does
im not sure anyone actually does it
they prob sell the kits, people try, and fail
all the time
yeah but then you have to get the chip off the pcba
without burning the pcb or other parts

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jobs always looked outclassed by gates in front of people together

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scoolptor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagina_dentata

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thats dumb tin foil is better
well, aluminum foil, the fucking cooking foil
im sure they already know about burritos, you see group home and special needs school party vans at mexican places all the time

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heh ^

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