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rotary tables arent awesome until you invest in a 4 or 5 axis cnc setup and a $20K cam/cad package
using them for simple stuff, especially vs a tuned 3 axis machine, is usually way slower, and can require a fuckton of math and planning\
i would buy a used one if you have the space
i mean if i were you, i would buy one (a bridgeport)

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buying gas sucks
after i got my mill, they shit i wanted to do most was almost always like 50% big
became these multiple setup nightmares

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hey how did that boom microscope work out?
also do you have link
we want to buy another for work
22x10 isnt so bad an envelope
good dro is maybe few hundred $?
yeah what moon said
gpf: did you see boom microscope question?
how did that one you got work out and do you have link? we want to get another for work
i know thats why i am asking

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amex is the same here
they dont give them to many people, but they arent accepted anywhere
exclusive club of uselessness

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yeah i think hsbc got eaten by capital one
so now two of my cards are capital one
they wont combine balanced/credits tho
no i mean if you have two cards
if you have a cap one and your hsbc turned into cap one, they wont combine accounts

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mfkr channel

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