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wtf why not how do you live
replace all the things.

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jezus fuck
tekrad: do your techs have to hold your hand as much as i have to with this guy
guys needs to ask that siri bitch to organize his fucking workload so he can do more than one thing at a time

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i used html output in gimp to feed to a macro text editor to format for some microcontroller shit
heh @ html blocks for every pixel
its like the same thing but 100x less space efficient

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ccfl_man: just means their through hole xformers arent fast enough
and they dont want to go back and make ones that are
tho yeah, i think the transformers we use for aes stuff are smd

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ccfl_man: the chip specs and what happens in real life with your layout and system is usually different
192khz aes shouldnt be as fucked as is it to impliment

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theyll punch you in the face

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it says you can go +20%!
ive gotten a few transformers from that guy, does a lot of DIY audio business

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tube heater transformer is prob perfect
look for 6.3v and 12.6v transformers
atx psu is kind of a lot of drama

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a big one rated for more than 10A?
absolutely not.
i think its maybe a wash, but the switcher will be lighter

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