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putting it on an unbalanced rca cable is a bit more sketchy than an XLR, tho

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the competition was like 2x that?
fuck no, its aes/ebu

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ha nice socket
and that pcb looks kinda whatever + perfboard rework

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they just need money to blow on shit so they can compete with the joneses
yeah well so are a lot of chinese PCBA, in terms of placement
layout is usually ass

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yeah itll lose lock
yeah depends how long it takes to regain lock, and how the system handles lack of incoming samples
sometimes they mute, sometimes theyll replay a block of audio, sometimes they just make loud noises =(
yeah thats what usually causes them to lose lock
you can corrupt the digital stream but thats prob not a big deal
iunno, i guess because the noise riding the clock causes it to transition at different points on the edge
the noise would have to be significant]
i doubt they can hear it
theyre prob hearing the noise in the decoded signal
unless they can prove otherwise, they got nothing

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ccfl_man: yes
have done aes stuff for work, its sensitive to timing and noise
not so much that it makes things impossible
and no idea if your transformer is that noise and the circuit and board layout sucks enough

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aw they put an ad
naw there is one in the vid itself
higher res console
you can use aalib as an mplayer vid output driver, and just mplayer files in ascii mode

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what do you mean text animations?
pc: do you know about aalib?
you run lunix?
aalib is like an ascii console graphics library
you feed it vid it translates it into ascii at your consoles resolution
at higher console resolutions, you could play movies or porn and random people could recognize the scenes
or body parts
yeah this does ascii art on the fly from image and video input
its pretty good at it
but this is automagic!

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pc i dont get it
oh its holes
google knows
he didnt so he didnt know
as danielson would have spent 40 lines explaining it if he did

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i might get dissected =O

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trader joes miso soup packets #1
omg thats fucking genius

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heh @ email from thegovernment@government.gov

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