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their ic are always way old
i seen late 70s dip in there
or they will like actually be dusty
like shit came from a shelf in mongolia or something
also haha @ parts with very tinned leads cut all short
like, youre straight selling me through hole board clippings! can not let myself buy
frys is pretty good for parts
well when they keep up on stock

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yeah i read about that, you can mix the two mics and the distance between them works to kinda comb filter out siblence
see shit like that, 100% makes sense, would have never thought of it on my own
right so it doesnt sound artificial
and some vocalist can prob get enough feedback from it to control what its filtering out
ha i guess theyre playing this weekend
friend at work is like IM GOING AGAIN he says its prob the 100th time
i asked who is singing hes like YEAH DAVID LEE ROTH HE SUCKS
im like, wtf he sucks awful but its great, thats how van halen is supposed to be
like, vocal mess + guitar prodigy

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i make those!
and yeah thats a good idea i should get a book
i have an 2u rack amp/effects modeler from work
it lets you change mics on the modeled cabs, and i think distance
yes, less but i want to be capable
and i want to do percussion stuff
thats mostly what im like hmm about
haha i saw some ns10m woofers being used as a kickdrum mic
i thought that was pretty cool
tekrad: hi

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on an active speaker?
and this is all dsp, the pots are just dividing VCC into a multiplexed ADC
oh neat
want to learn more about mics
well, using mics
all i know about is measurement mics
i <3 that song
and yeah i dont know what mics at what distance and angle for what type of application
and i kind of would rather have someone show me rather than spending 20 years figuring it out
haha nice

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having obsolete dev shit can sometimes cause issues
it makes getting new ref hardware difficult, because you have all this shit sitting around
but a lot of issues you cant use old hardware

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the fucked up the c pillar and quarter panel glass
1st gen tC has amazing c pillar and quarter panel lines, and im all about that shit (i dont know why, but rly its a very important part of car styling)
styling looked european, like some sort of bmw/volvo
you just want one?
i can maybe get you a rebuilt alpha
some of the plastics arent textured
well, mono
they wont roll me boombox firmware (full range stereo 10" with compression driver disabled)
but you can feed it stereo
itll mix it
actually has five channels
2 mic/line preamp with eq and like 60dB of gain, xlr/trs combo jacks
we sell one without that, too, its on a side panel
and then a combo jack line in, and then two rca inputs
``nico: eventually the shit just gets in the way
and project is in sustaining

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is almost 20 lbs lighter
like 10" shorter
yeah the 2007 is before they put the tijuana rice looking tail lights on it
they fit
one of the techs has your car
you can fit four of them in the back of an acura RSX with the seats down, heh
no cooper s
he took a sub to the compliance lab in it, i think
took it somewhere, maybe to power test
if you can fot the sub you can fit two towers
you have to put the seats down, the towers arent as big as they look
you dont notice until theyre next to 15" and 12" woofer based competition
efex: mini cooper has no spare tire =\
thats why they have run floats, stiff ride
and yeah this is a pro audio subwoofer, for live sound
drove a tc? or old volvo
i dont like the new tc at all
they decided to make it a guy car, so now it looks like a wanna be charger with front end kinda looks like the new yaris

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did you get rid of the run flats yet?
im fine, car is neat
microcontroller car is goofy
haha, if you have the moonroof all the way open, go above a certain speed, have the windows cracked, itll open the up half way
i guess to keep the shit from rattling crazy
doesnt do it if windows are closed
``nico: neat
possibly maybe
manual is like, yeah we think you should use the position 2" from fully open
makes big diff, heh
``nico: i can fit two of those speaker things from my work in my hatch area without putting seats down
i think with seats down i can fit a sub
we shipped them
so i have beta units and production references i can use whenever
also some alpha units i can rebuild
the little speakers are neat, the endcap handles and kickstand handle dont feel like a fucked up joke

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rab: er, between mini cooper base and cooper s in acceleration (7.4s)
its an economy car with a sportish transmission, so not bad
i like the normal s
the coupe is neat but i dont like exactly how its implimented
yeah but the wifes SUV cant go fast *and* turn
``nico: how is carthing?

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like, how to make a toyota drive by wire system even scarier?
throw some made in cn aftermarket rice shit in the middle of it!
yes and no
id that accurate die temp, its far from melting it, but yeah, you can prob do a lot better
if that shit is idling its too hot =(
and i assume you mean older AMD
surely theyve gotten their shit together as far as dissipation, heh
yeah for athlon xp, that hot but not insane
like, stock dusty cooler and shit one fan case and psu hot
you can do better
stock cooler does better when dusted
if the air in your case isnt just sitting
i think my shit was around 45, kinda regular loads and clean stock fansink
i think my mom has that xp3200+

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also the variable intake cam timing is weird
its not like a honda where you hit some higher rpm the ECU decides on and you get a whole diff engine when it switches cam profiles
toyota system is like, tracking 10 diff things and doing stuff all the time
so youre cruising and youll feel torque drop away a bit
or youre getting into the pedal to pass, and all of a sudden acceleration rate will jump when it decides you want to go fast
something like 5 degrees of retdard and 35 degrees or advance, you feel that shit
also the product manager who decide to map the throttle pedal all sensitive is a dick
so it feels like a linear pot when it should be log taper (its actually hall sensors)
so really sensitive, and i swear i can feel the ADC steps for the pedal
i guess toyota has the ECU pretty locked down so no easy way to remap pedal, after marker solution is voltage translation in series with the pedal sensor

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should have badass resale, got it for low end of current value, but very clean, way minor interior and exterior issues, mechanically it seems awesome
it has a camry engine, and the manual is geared way short
like 120mph redline in 5th
so should last a million miles, and it gets better mini cooper base and mini cooper s in acceleration
coming back from san jose on the 101, 70mph the whole way, no a/c, it got 32.5mpg
normal driving to work is more like 23mpg
which is 4 better than the volvo
rab: its like 1000% microcontroller car
completely drive by wire, weird not to be be tied directly to the throttle with fuel injectors ridding piggyback
like, itll float revs and slowly come off the throttle while its ramping down the injectors
stupid cali smog code
it made upshifting kinda annoying because you had to pause and wait for revs to drop, but somehow the synth transmission oil helped that a lot
like a lot of the mismatched revs feeling might have been slop in the transmission or something

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where is dx
so synthetic oil in motor, i mean i guess it sounds better and runs smoother
its like, 2dB spl diff, hard to tell if it makes a big diff
i changed to synthetic manual transmission fluid
holy fucking shit, huge fucking diff
like, okay shifter falls into gear easier, i get that, better synchro friction
but wtf it smoothed out clutch engagement a ton
2007 scion toyotaCar
ya the volvo blew up its head gasket
i still have to sell it
starts right up
think its prob leaked too much ATF to move much, tho
really neat, exactly what i expected

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