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blackmoon: i know, but its still prob cheaper than depleted uranium
because of the drama involved with collecting, storing and processing the uranium
obviously, they made shells out of depleted uranium for a few decades

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no but i mean the individual bomblets
if you had like a dozen of those go off above within a few seconds, pretty sure the summed power is pretty serious
yeah stuff for heavy armor is nuts
heavy shells and active warheads and depleted uranium and shit
they use tungsten now?
thats good
prob cheaper too
which is scary

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you ever wonder what happens to ejected shell casings, dropped fuel tanks, missiles that miss and run out of fuel, all the fucking shells fired into the air during dogfights?
like, that shit has to fall somewhere...
no diff than mines
if theyre male and of fighting age than theyre not civilians, anyway
prob the cluster thing
i dont think theyre anti-personel
theyre for blowing up light armor, random buildings, little shit
they might be timed or altitude triggered
lots of munitions are supposed to blow up above ground and fuck shit up with downpressure

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