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they put record in it now tho
so now its like a giant mixing console w/ mad plugins
and instruments
plus they have this combinator thing so you can saves groups of devices and have single controls mod multiple parameters
because yeah before it was just a giant vsti

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i think reason could do way more
would be neat to kind of repurpose it as live sound processing like crossovers and limiters, delay, and RTA stuff
like, they have synths, effects and a mixing console, now they just need all the other rack shit

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propellerhead reason,digidesign pro tools, avid pro tools
dunno kinda seems competitive
but thats the reality of the situation
theyre both dying
reason is supposed to be niche
its software audio production for hardware people
if you dont know analog synth basics, it wont make so much sense

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timecop: fool, its propellerhead, not propellerheads
ratio went from 1:14 to 1:2.5
ill do that in chrome
type half of a page then just hit enter first search term, because sometimes it will displays links a few clicks deep as sub result
i dont have a facebook
propellerhead reason,protools
thats significant

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if i got a job somewhere shopping for CAD, id tell them to get solidworks
because they decided people should pay for the software

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VST would be a logical next stuff, some sort of VST wrapper device
*next step
ill be sure to tell the marketing people downstairs
well right
i only have a license because i work for their distributor =\
i wanted a license because of my experience with the juarez version
i got someone who paid for ableton live using it
they didnt pay for it, but they think its competitive, better in a lot of ways
well right
thats why adobe photoshop is industry standard
because it was capable an extremely available
they did like 5 major versions with the same keys
like prob 10 million people using the same keys
now they own the market
its training
i can use solidworks at work because i pirated it at home when i wasnt employed

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protools, logic, reaper (free thing, justin frankel is involved)
ableton live
reason doesnt have vst support
its own plugin platform will help, but if they or a 3rd party put vst support in, its pretty much neck and neck with other shit as far as capabilities
give it time!
last year it wasnt even a DAW, couldnt record into it
vst is proprietary crap
its cubase format
right but its proprietary crap
anyway, reason 6 turned it into a full DAW and gave it a badass mixing console with unlimited tracks
6.5 is a free update, it will add the rack extension stuff for 3rd party rack devices

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got nda to get sdk for propellerhead reason rack device plugin stuff
is not ready yet tho =(
it has record now, its an actual DAW
really it was never popular because it was half a production app, ultra softsynth, but thats it

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total complete nothing
tomorrow is like, coworker party, then all day drum n bass party

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fuck i should do laundry

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but yeah if the ecu circuit has a large output impedance, its going to fuck up the filter tuning
you can throw diff size resistors across the output of the ecu and see if it changes significantly in level
pretty easy to calc the output impedance
so you can adjust the first capacitor to make a filter pole with the output impedance
but i would keep that one pretty high, like 10khz, because if you get them too close, they will form complex filter curves, and sometimes it will boost some noise before it rolls off
really only useful for subwoofers...
yeah perfect, just keep RF junk from getting in
wont load up the ecu output if its low impedance

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and the cap after it is just killing really high HF stuff and isnt being terribly loaded down by the other filter
sec i math
its 33khz
the filter pole, F=1/(2piRC)
so what i would do is make the 1nF a 10nF
to get it to 3.3khz
and then change the 47k to 100k, to change it to like 1.5khz
itll round off the input wave a ton, add bit more latency, but itll kill ton of noise
yeah change it to 10k
at higher revs is going to round off the square waves (im assuming its actually coming out digital) but if the micro can catch the edges consistent, should be fine
if not reduce resistor value to square it up

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need more information
most likely you can use an RC filter
damn whats the output signal level?
what do you mean across a cap
the caps are from signal path to ground?
whats the 4k7 cap?
the first cap RC frequency is determined by the output impedance of the ECU circuit
whats the value of the capacitor after the 4k7 resistor
thats your next rc stage
so assuming that the ecu output is pretty low impedance

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blackmoon: hi
blackmoon: how far are you from border/
maybe do road trip vacation in a month or three, prob be in WA

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did you see it first?

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god how does a $74k house exist

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why does youtube suck

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