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also, haha @ volcano evac direction signs
like, when you freak out, do it in this direction

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the east valley mountiains, which are kinda part of the range that pasadena is next too, is supposedly like the steepest rise mountains in the US
theyre not super big they just go straight up, cant remember any roads on those faces
but yeah, ranier and shasta are just mega huge
like, if the mountains between pasadena and the valley had a single mountain sticking out twice as high, they would be as awesome
yeah you can see it from all over, its not very close

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`nico: have you been on puget sound?
find some pier or low bridge, water is ultra clear its awesome
oh, but not around where some rivers flow into it, because some of the rivers have colors
have you seen ranier yet?
you usually cant because clouds
but sometimes you look over and shit is like twice as high as the other mountains in the range, very 'oh fuck' moment
the first time that i flew up there, i get off the plane
and like, i could smell the nothing
because like, my baseline is los angeles air

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`nico: you in seattle or tacoma?
i really <3 tacoma
and yeah, the bay is an expensive bighead shithole compared to seatac
macegrs party: 30 conversations about startups
most amusing topics: great margins but problems with overhead... in a company with almost no employees
and people freaking out over any EMC and safety stuff, because it seems like most of them dont need to do it for all their products
`nico: neat
ive only been around there when exgf was looking at a school there
90s what shit?
like cars?
so youre saying their dont dress like its the 80s
which is basically how everyone dresses now

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im into a few tracks, but i cant listen to it for more than like 10, 20 minutes, even if its deep/techy/hard stuff i like
i can/have listened to drum n bass multiple hours, everyday, since like a decade now

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anyway, fuck dubstep
haha someone last night is like 'so are you into dubstep anymore?'
like wtf i did not have this phase

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talk to tomat

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