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then do your cables with those
ultra pimp
anyway you can get $2 binding posts and use *any* wire
thecheap shit dont look that sexy, but you can just screw random wire into it
oh, weird
yeah prob not a good idea
but itll likely mostly work

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and put the inputs on the edge furthest from the power switch power cable
then put the amp outputs in the middle of the panel
too close to the inputs and you maybe get oscillation
to close to the power input, maybe you get hum or weird RF noises
for the amp outs?
fuck all that
some shit like that
20w you can prob get away with dsubs but its kind of a bitch to source cable

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oh nevermind
the diagram wasnt like i thought
anyway, keep the power entry, power switch, wires, and psu as far to one side as possible
like push the wire down into the inside edge of the chassis
keep the psu itself in a corner
then put the signal inputs and preamp circuits in the opposite corner, very close to each other
and opposite side of rear panel from power entry
then put those in the opposite corner

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sucks, miniplug is a fail connector
small contact area, tend to be cheap materials
does this shit need a volume control?
power supply up front in a corner, signal inputs in the opposite corner, amps in the middle back, right near the speaker outs
doesnt matter
or keep the psu in the middle, use shielding, like steel sheets front to back
and then put amps on each side

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efex: not enough information
do you have 24 amps?

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damn, yo. my EFC is $14,111
its like 10x what it was when i was like, poor kid ward of the state

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haha musicians institute is almost as much as caltech

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well you can only put 10 and im not leaving california

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oh damn i havge to add colleges to my fafsa
like i know wtf im doing
well im putting calpoly san luis obispo because i stopped there on the way home from makerfaire and shit is fucking beautiful
i could go to chico state and get on exgf's nerves

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okay i do mine
shit does my shit defer again?
i only save $60/mo, tho

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and i eat good
like i did this falafel on pita with onions and apple sauce inside
omg tasty
total cost, $2?

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when i got a car guy asks me what i make gross
and i tell him and im like fuck that makes me sound like, well off and shit
also my mom told me what she makes im like, how does she live
how did she live + kids
im kinda stupid with money
im bringing lunch to work now
because im like carpoor and shit
what i needed a car!
cars are this much
what do i do?
people telling me get new car im like WATUMAD?
i need to go back to school
shit i should do my fafsa now
all stupid late
well im pretty much at the end of my "learn what engineers do that piss techs off" stage of academics
when they act like bitches it pisses techs off

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comb filters, sounds wrong at some freq, anywhere you stand
yeah its kinda big
but not as much as you would think, compared to competition
which is all single 15" or 12"
so theyre way wider
i dont know anything about boats
water = monsters
dx^: yes
but like, hmmm
66% more than 4 years ago when i started at audio
around that yeah
that number seems meaningless after taxes

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yeah theyre neat, theyre wood so people usually like the sound
they dont sound like plastick buckets, but almost everyone got wood DSP speakers in the last year
so its like four way dogfight
well, couple years
the subs are dual 12, sound decent for ported system
the towers deliver this crazy tight kickdrum, tho
like you kinda feel it in your chest, right songs
well its a 2.5 way system
its active eq, three amps
well, low end woofer, low end plus mid woofer, and compression driver tweeter
you dont want to drive botrh 10" woofers with mids

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yeah i can explain inductance and capacitance with like, membranes and hard sheet walls and screw pumps and pistons
then instead of your delays and momemtum being determined by capacitance, inductance, its like, mass and flexibility
it warped
just shipped those
in the middle of a derivative project, and starting another derivative project

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or someone important told him he couldnt do it
and thats it
now you have a fuckton of money to play with, but just for a little bit, until they get their senses back
shit it always compromised, even shit that starts off well defined and is perfectly engineered and tested into the dirt and beautifully marketed
its still going to be a compromise, so when shit is kinda hack, fixing it is like the biggest resource hole ever
fuck yeah
so its mostly thermal shit?
well you do electronics
youre like, flowpro
dont ask just buy them
dude they model all sorts of shit electronically

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because shit changes, so now your design is compromised, but you dont scrap designs, its too much time and its too horrible to admit you done it all wrong
it means shit actually gets made, shipped, but its always compromised, somehow
when small tech companies start, designs are usually bottom up
either because the marketing guy was close enough to the techy that he actually got what he wanted
or the marketing guy was the techy
$10,000 to replace it, so it can happen again
because it doesnt report well
up through management and into the boardroom
you have to be making progress
scrapping designs or even admitting that you need help does not report well, it isnt progress
its failure
good management never fails
it just, like, repositions, adjusts, rolls, whatever
its like aikido
well he promised someone something
its his ass
he may come out okay whether it works or not
but its his rep
either he told someone important he could do it

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dx^: heh, cool
so like, it exists?
its already failed?
all this shit is theoretical, theres prototypes, what
so do you have quasi unlimited budget?
dx^: so they need full functionality in 6 weeks?
or they want
damn yo
this is like going to be the craziest shit youve ever done ever
see, its like this all the time at work
except what we do doesnt really matter
i mean, its more important than life almost
but really it doesnt matter
welcome to modern quick turn feature based engineering
top down, marketing need based
dx^: ive never been on a project where shit was defined enough for engineers to do it right

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how big of a box
and its works a little bit
how much doesnt work
if you cant fix it with code and some off the shelf shit you might be fucked?

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oh man kinda want to play with stm32
and i dont have time because im a lazy pothead and a super hard worker
and i got and ide installed and code loaded and modified, on the discovery
so like, i did the part i hate doing (setting up the tool chain) and then ran enough code to make sure it was working and yeah i dont even know where it is now
been a few months
i should take it to work
then instead of risking my career being super effective, i can just coast and do my own shit like everyone else

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