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oh theyre fucking huge
kevtri: neat trick

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maybe theyre 300mA LEDs
say through hole
dont say dip dont be a chinese
then yeah its 150R
and youre reading a value wrong
well its broken
oh theres a row of them?
maybe theyre using 10 in series
yeah it wont light up until prob around 7v or 8v
one LED
is drawing 100mA
wave it around do you see trails?
somethings wrong
now this is a potted 7seg or something?
maybe theyre in parallel
the china does this sometimes

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fuck someone needs to slap you
it means the current
.02 amps
dont confuse him more haha
its 2012 and were still doing timecops LED math
and i dont think hes trolling
22:06 <@renesis> .02 amps
22:06 <@kevtri> 155 ohms
but im glad you did it all by yourself
why do you think that

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you want to beat up lazy girls?

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i dont even know what that means really, which i think makes you the more homogay, actually

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