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i found them

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honda of hollywood has 12
theyre all automatic
fuck man its like this everywhere
if they have fits, theyre automatic

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lucy from car dealership is emailing past 2am
fuck no one has the honda i want

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holy fuck
sales tax on a car is fucked up
no buying
because volvo blew up
ino ino

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who gives a shit if it cant make itself
welcome to modern manufacturing
a taig can make a reprap
a reprap cant make a taig
3d prototyping is pretty neat tho
at both jobs ive been at weve prob saves like hundreds of thousands
compared to getting it machined by a 3rd party

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but its assembled
but yeah thats a turnkey china micromill
hmm are they that cheap now?
fuck the taig has a bigger envelope
rab: thats without motors or drivers
reprap is retarded
so i should just buy an extruder head for my taig
and make some sort of headstock mount

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why cant it make itself some bracing and some tripod feet or some shit
yeah i want an extruder head to attach to my taig
on one of the dovetails on the side of the headstock
how much is it?
and it cant replicate the extruder head can it?

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rab might ban you
thats a reprap?
dont those things go fast?
does look like it would sway
but its unloaded
if its not fast how is it good?
but it can make itself?

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thats kinda neat it can machine what its standing on
oh fuck
that looks a lot like the cnc router these local people take to NAMM last two years i been
they usually got a guitar body on the table, running a program at +2" z

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oh hmm
yeah that kinda sucks
convenient maybe
shit looks like it needs counterweights
anyway the way that thing is built, the more weight you spend reinforcing it, prob the more unstable it gets

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so maybe just bolt some sections of steel or iron square tube to add rigidity if you dont want to fab so much
the Y looks maybe too long
like one extreme to the other itll shift the weight of the table enough to fuck z ref

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iraso its got a couple inches of Z?
loading tools into the spindle must be annoying
yeah the taig is an anomoly
the iron square tube body is amazing for the weight
normal construction methods, i feel like the thing should be least 300 lbs

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also wtf @ 8"
it looks like it has decent antibacklash
still dont get how the assembly works
sculpreme: hi

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i guess brownies and cookies is kinda like weed crack
no2 is hippy crack
dmt isnt like crack its like pcp
also hash oil is illegal
which im cool with, *everyone* who does butane or alcohol extration oils and waxes gets that dry cough
yeah im trying
i actually shred about 1/8 at a time now
naw way better than hash
yeah i dont even understand how that works
and that screw is weird
is that shit like square profile?

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what explanation
man i missed like 2/3 of this convo
rab: at least its not plywood and MDF
fuck america
california uber alles.
ive never done peyote or mescaline
i wish you could do that with weed
rab: ya!

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it looks kinda like acme thread profile?
synth: 20:41 <@renesis> http://www.december.com/unix/ref/mansec.html
link was for you
blackmoon: they kinda look flated on top
that img

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tekrad: rab has more principles than prob anyone in the chan?
man says images
lunix package category

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maybe GPF?
i think rab is against it on principle

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