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eagle integrates that and its way more competitive

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darkmatte: drc settings
takes a few years to learn all of eagles eccentricities
there should be per group and per part/net drc settings

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so other hacker always complains when i say i want to do sealed low frequency systems
hes like dumbass, do ported wtf
becuse this is the modern pro thing
but he has these 4 way hifi speakers, some 70s shit, listens to them the most, spent forever looking for them
im like, well what about those they got ports in the back or what
hes like no theyre sealed

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guys the instant miso soup is pretty good
is that fast for a laptop?

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amd still makes stuff?

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macegr: i dunno im just padding my rsvp
okay today i will sell all the things
it doesnt exist yet because im am lazy

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and those gets used about 50x more often than our DPO at work
monkeyisl: just get a tek 1000 series or some cheap equiv
theyre light, cheap, its like a DMM
you prob dont want to take some fancy lecroy out to do field work
he is his employer
and your employer is probably going to ask you what tools

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monkeyisl: neat
monkeyisl: but you cant do ohms law
or thermal math
im going to tell lecroy they are going to be like pls2return the scope
you need a dso
analogs are useful but if you are only going to have one, you need a dso
monkeyisl: +1 emc skill
what if you had to record turn on timing of the tube amp power supplies
say something to do with turnon pops iunno
monkeyisl: theyre about the same as tek low end dso

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i have a tek analog scope with a vector graphics DSO
i win
when it actually works...

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