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tube is replaced and tires pumped up to a bone jarring 100psi

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hey thats too cheap
great its in the mix with PYLE and unbranded plastic china speakers
it has a bubble sticker
which you only pay an extra like $10 for
honestly thats how most reputable brands roll now, too

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(gimme more knob, without a specified source or gain structure is a huge waste of development money)
(and usually results in hyper sensitive inputs, which can be bad for noise)
oh fuck yeah
those guys have a good rep, i work with an ME used to be there
what as opposed to floor firing?
is it ported?
it doesnt matter at all
yeah thats normal but its not to do with front, floor, porting

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if you want to be really pro, you get kids to flyer bomb cars
promise them to put them on your booths guest list
subwoofers > beer
volume of what
10% knob?
congradulations, your subwoofer's product manager is a douchebag?

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ya, no
i run them at like 80psi
fix a flat barely works on car tires at like 30psi
macegr: make the eagle screen slice brighter
looks washed out and weird and out of context (even tho im pretty sure thats just what colors eagle is now)
besides that looks neat
so i shouldnt take it and drop it on the floor like i do with most every other flyer?

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guys my bike tired blew up a little =(
cuz those big bumps in the sidwalk right, fun to hop off
but one had a ridge
and im like how is my tire not blown up from hitting that edge like that
4 blows later, flopflopflopflop
no i stopped hitting the bumps fast to hop off
because my rims are expensive =\
they cant fix pin spacing
they shipped it
so now they live with it, layout by incapables, embraced
i dont want to fix my tire

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