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like a turntable
or a table with legs
y u no less ambiguity

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heh @ reason instrument patch "loading screen"
super 8b
these mfkrs putting pan on the instrument mixers making me think im going deaf
stupid near field monitors

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because taste buds are in shock from all the carbon?
stupid google ads are trying to sell me work gear

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just one?
variety/quality > quantity/pump
do you like corona
why are you answering about coronas
you do, dont you

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oh hmm
thats prob a good time to take a vacation
speaker testing cycle right after that
ino but i can get her flowers and stuff earlier

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yeah i remember doing that like 15 years ago
rab: that would explain not so many gas stations in hollywood and downtown

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i wonder if get away with expensing a skype call for a meeting
because its sounds soooo good, my cell phone will cut out half the time
guys im going to get a galaxy 3s, because my phone plan is up
i want to experience samsung early mass production issues first hand!
oh wtf
you can phone skype for an hour for $1.38
i thought it was going to be like $6
you pump gas then pay?
fuck i dont even know how to pay for gas anymore
i just put card things in slots

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and its coolant temp got into the red for maybe 10 seconds before i stopped at gas station
never totally the same after that
haha used car guy bought it from me WHAT RADIATOR HOSE DID IT OVERHEAT!?
im like WHAT NAW NAW
it did
yeah thats what i said
coolant happens quick, it doesnt leave coolant behind
you said the reverse i what i read

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started it twice (starts like normal), drove it up and down tow truck ramp and into my parking spot
will prob craigslist it for like $500
have some saved up, next month is three paycheck month, have paperwork coming for 401k loan (better to pay interest to myself than used car salesman)
can get to work on a couple buses, and is neat because bicycle at work \o/
maybe a minute
you prob better off losing oil than coolant
just because the oil doesnt run as fast
so it might drip onto a lot of parts even after its mostly drained
blackmoon: hahaha
that accord i had just had burnt oil
didnt matter how many times oil was changed, needed to take that shit apart and clean it
so always had low oil pressure
then one time it blew up a radiator hose

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he should have put it in tehclowd
thats like 8 or 10 people?!
rab: volvo blew up head gasket!
took friends to lunch, stop car HEY WHAT IS STEAMY NOISE
seems to come from everywhere, notice oily stuff all over block
look under car and is dripping stuff like color of oil but as runny as water
and i checked it wasnt brake fluid, plus that wouldnt steam
also its been seeping oil from the head gasket for months
well i got it towed home and havent looked at it since

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omg thunder!

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beads arent for low frequency
theyre for RF and ESD
bigass transient = way high freq
beads wont kill it but itll slow the shit down
ESD = everything helps, because usually no one thing defeats it
like for passive through jacks, a lot of times it wont be directly in parallel, itll be like bead, cap to ground, bead
you cant really put resistors there
guys its raining soooo hard
more description

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