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blackmoon: yeah ice cream is usually bad for electronics
like kids installing oatmeal into the vcr

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guys if i were responsible i would do laundry starting rynaow
well, not, but by shortly after
i can start at midnight
laundryis cheaper than allthetime newclothes

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1 button + 7seg UI is retarded
ya fuck the 80s digital ui
hd rack pod has 4 detented encoders, a detented pushbutton encoder, a d-pad, 5 tactile buttons, blinky LED tap button, 7 linear pots to ADC, ~3" lcd pixel display, analog vol pot for line out and headphones
at least newjob is good at versatile UI

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in amirkuh?
both hands!

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probably it seems to do way more than what ive done with it

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monkeyisl: what samsung phone is good to buy
also, i found a diagram editor that doesnt suck thats free!
its not dia!
but it runs on jaba, but whatever mt shit isnt slow
yeah like flowcharts

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