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vfd char display?
i dunno what that is
haha fairchild made micros?

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macegr: haha @ tesla coiled wifi

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revtom: you know if it wasnt in the middle of the desert, i would maybe be down with that

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most all labor laws are necessary
defence needs to be mad cut
offence needs to not exist
yeah nice, it needs to be cut 90%
obviously all their is left is border defence
omg you can see it from the 10?
fence without automated laser turrets is blown money

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moon doesnt need a day job he needs to be running shit somewhere
the EPA is a joke
plenty of toxit sites around my home to prove it
ron paul is awesome
california would be fine
rest of the country would mostly be fucked
no he wont
he wont pass their shit laws
and they wont even vote on his plans
he wouldnt get shit done
and as soon as he did, shot in the face
defence needs to be massively trimmed back
until you do that, i dont hear it

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iraq is barely started
we still blow money on contractors and have the biggest embassy ever there
people getting blown up like every other day
iran is next
then possibly syria
over 3000 civilians
we used it to justify incidentally killing 500,000
twinkies kill more

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