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blackmoon: haha nice

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hey neat my latency in reason is gone
yay free work gear

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have balanced audio coming out of my rack pod thing (asio), no more computer noises
like, bleepfuzz
hate that stuff
or audio isnt being generated and amplified inside my pc =\

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but thats partially based on power dissipation in AB amps
at 1/8 power, youre burning up as much in the amp as you are running more power
im pretty simple i drive the shit to 1% and call it rated at that freq
im a dick tho i let it sit there
modern amps shouldnt die
mass production ones, at least
most people dont know enough
people marketing stuff definitely dont care
and they tend to drive product design

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but yeah, somewhere between 10k and 20k they get above 1%
system 1
100 ways to measure
cheaper than an AP
but im down with half power measurements
most test standard spec 1/8 power
like ~10dB down, most music is around that

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someone i respect keeps telling me i should
and his amps sound good
haha he has an AP in his spare bedroom lab, they measure shitty
if it was solid state i would call the amp shit from looking at THD plots
foxof: i get shocked by 360VDC like every other day
and usually a few times in a row
offline switching supplies, heh
heh okay well his amps measure waaaay better than that

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tubes are for preamps
and guitars
mics = preamps
even if its built in phantom shit, its still a preamp
i kinda want to build a tube amp tho

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i hook the monitors up with balanced cable and i get computer noises that werent there when i had em hooked up with RCA

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i got my xlr connectors!
im making two pear!
neat my cables have arrows!

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19:44 < PC`> the 50W is the best speaker that money can buy
19:44 < PC`> the 50W is the best speaker that money can buy
foxof: typically RMS ratings for raw drivers are thermal ratings
theyre mostly trustworthy
most everything else, as well as system ratings, should be taken with a grain of salt
templedog: typically
in terms of power handling

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