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now monkeyisl = proengineer
blackmoon: i have to write reports and emails constantly =\
tho we have chinese engineering and operations departments
so like you could be horrible at grammar, youd still be way better than most our chinese employees

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man i cant believe i have to go back to work tomorrow
omg new msg!
puttin work to change the language
synth: figure it out from context
if you cant, its the writers fault

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`nico: no @ dj hype
been grabbing bunch of mix sets from there lately

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we were going to bring tables and a mixer but it was all rainy, muddy
theyre not mine!
but yeah we just did recorded sets, and reason
omfg reason bass synths on PA in a little room is fucking amazing
damn i should see abourt booking leo carillo camping spots in the summer
we also think about this too late

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prob still rub the phone into his bloody stump neck trying to call wife
heh reason is so neat
so i have big fat bass line through a compressor with sidechain input connected to kickdrum
like, my levels drop a ton when there is kickdrum
well its just ironic, kickdrum is usually you high output transient
the bass is like 10dB hotter
`nico: so i shut down power test in abandoned building on the weekend
brought a friend, so we had 6 subwoofers and 3 towers to play with
so we stacked three subwoofers, and put towers sideways across the top
a stack like this in each corner, like a giant studio mains system
omg bass, was in a little studio room, too

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`nico: i got more cheap speakers!
so now i have complete set of gen1 krk rokits, two 8" monitors and a 10" sub
i was going to go to hooker pageant
but coworker was leaving so had to buy mad alcohol and chicken wings and party instead
then i was going to go to hooker group gallery opening
but then i got high
he def needs some hookers
he prob give away his life savings if you got him a real hooker
`nico: i know!
you should bring this guy to NAMM we can watch his crotch then brain explode

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thats cool where is it?
haha, hawaii or new jersey
dx^: haha neat

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readerror: are community colleges affordable near you?
prob the best place to learn machining, theyll have more machines, instructords with experience
they usually do courses like that at night

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ive had it like 5 or 6 years

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from this guy

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readerror: yes
i should post all that shit somewhere

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i need a widescreen vertical monitor
for reason rack and mixer
also i miss dual monitors i dunno how i survive

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