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haha because i had a huge bump at 60hz to get free low end from the shit m-audio monitors
or rather i had everything else cut
kinda hurt turning that off =\

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OMG sub too loud

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it doesnt ship with an iec cable?

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ha posted at 2:30am
prob gone thats like almost two weeks ago
still not a bad deal
hey neat
this thing has high passed rca outs

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rab: iunno, why

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rab: OMG
its a rockit g1 sub
because it has a shitty box that was all torn up
so they couldnt sell it
haha gift box was fine they just needed to get a new box to = profit
i think they stopped branding them rockit
the current stuff
but yeah i thought it was current 10s, because that guy kinda old now
heh this had a 2006 QA sticker
now i need g1 rockit monitors

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heh thats pretty neat

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oh, they have contractor cables with the old (normal) neutriks, same price
i guess i am only pro

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have you seen jamhub?
they use the same warehouse work does
heh, they sell jamhub cable labels
because its a rigol
i wonder how much those suck

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damn hosa elite is neutrik nc3-xx and $55/10ft
hosa pro is the rean plugs that look like nc3-x and are $20/10ft
diff in connector price: ~$1
vs 20awg
oh its different cable tho, diff shield coverage
or theyre saying that its 95% oxygen free
heh that seems like a lot of oxygen
rab: i think we have a discount with them at work
we buy all our cable from them

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the rean stuff feels like the neutrik stuff
i think maybe rean is just neutrik china
neutrik was making shit like TRS and RCA cables in china for a second, same baggies that rean comes in now
but people would swear the chinese neutrik shit was fake
i think the little mackie console mixers have mini xlr for power
those things are tanks
thats why

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well shit has 3
er, drive?
maybe instead of gain
one of them acts like its a volume pot in the actual signal path, who knows tho
i should check
man i want to listen to the sub
maybe i should just steal cables from work
then when cable parts come in i can trade back
catbyte: have you used rean connectors?
they seem ok
cheap shit from neutrik subsidiary is confusing

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id be fine with 96
rab: qsc is using that connector (that type, not in an XLR cutout) for remote volume control
on the k series powered speaker stuff
$3 worth of pot and you have remote networked volume control
yeah i miss that
pretty sure the volume knob on the rack pod controls output

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yeah ive seen all three
3/16", 1/4", and XLR
okay well my interface is some 2u shit with lots of XLR
and my sub and my monitors have XLR
i dont know about very good but it works!
i think its just 48khz codecs
yeah thats kinda sad =(

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hot plugging TRS is suicide!
XLR is durable, locking, and its ground contacts first
well, nc3 series stuff
i hate the switchcraft style connectors
which i think are canon copies
never seen it happen with standard jacks
if youre patchpay cant fit nc3 series connectors side by side, someone fucked up

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just for hooking up active sub and monitors to an audio interface
all my shit is XLR
i think
parts express still the best price on neutrik XLR connects
line 6 rack pod
audio interface is pretty much a secondary function
and lots of them have XLR out
not so many of the 2x2 and 2x4 interfaces i guess

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well i seen monoprice cables with neutrik and rean connectors but i dunno if someone made them or bought them
or made them with connectors they bought at monoprice
thats some ugly
yeah i think i find the neutrik xlr cheap someplace else and get the balanced cable from monoprice
in wall and underground cable is awesome for speakers
anything DC powered really
+ pomona MDP or ultrawin
heh @ insulation thickness

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almost spent $90 on four XLR cables
two 15' and two 5'
couldnt do it, stopped right before i handed over cash, like, wait sorry i cant do this
well, see i know how much the cable and the connectors cost
yeah i was gonna ask if you knew where they shipped from
looks like rancho cucomonga?
or thats jusr corp or what
do the have neutrik...
does not look like it

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rab: gibson r&d had some sort of garage sale, other hacker saved me a k10s sub
new in box, $50!

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urmom? buck boost.

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so old
im kinda blown away by the logistics of it
like how did they print that
i love how it has flare holes

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weird isnt it

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urmom? plastic injected.
windopain: you do doc control and logistics?
hardcore mfkr
i guess thats the drama
and keeping all the injection material liquid and consistent

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fuck yeah, participating = stephen wright
im going even if theres just a small chance hell be there
haha @ a collective interpretation of the modern industrious woman
rights are a human construct
we dont have them because rights dont exist
they arent real
europe = the sometimes really real world

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should i go to the hooker pageant? on friday
i think bartender girl is going to be in it!
whatever im at that place every week!
you try not to touch the door when exiting the bathroom
and obviously touch nothing in the bathroom
the dragonfly, its venue for the dnb weekly i go to
blackmoon: why should they do that when they can spend the money on renting bigger sound
i dont want to be the guy who has to install that

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and like, theyre play drum n bass and dubstep to the house/dubstep kids
and they go nuts, they dont even know what it is
er, drum n bass and drumstep
house embarasses me like watching david bowie and shaking his ass with muppets in labyrinth
they all remind me of my sister
but junglist girls kinda scare me, because theyre a bit of that + punk + gangsta

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usually non halftime 'dubstep' has a kick hidden under the snare
so its quarter note kicks, its house
...he was a goth kid
wtf is bounce
drum n bass is prob the next dubstep
haha, so dubstep headliners are too big for the dnb areas now
so they will put them in the big areas, usually house
so you have dubstep producers playing to house crowds

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thats house, yo
well then hes on the wrong side of the subtle line in dubstep that separates kinda okay and sucks
and now its drum n bass
with wobble
so its basically clownstep, like 4 years dated
2:50 in, back to house
rab: its dnb with excessive use of wobble bass, its where dubstep came from
yeah so, dubstep is the only genre i havent heard in jdevils set
hes rockin like a cdj and maybe ableton?
weird you can fall into dj'ing now without ever having touched a turntable

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dubstep and drumstep are just rock beats
did a mixed set or what
what was his name?
on turntables or with the band?
do they still have fieldy?
i meant the other dj tho
does hot topic still exist?
sluggo in california is probably the kroq dj
radio dj

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^ song is like bees and chainsaws fuckin!
macegr: no like 10s before
i want to see radiohead 17 years ago
i dont think i have seen korn
i saw deftones
no wait we totally saw korn too, same show, family values tour

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11:00 < monkeyisl> renesis : i'm used to buy books for interior.
awesome @ new foot link

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monkeyisl is going to do matlab but cant even bother to do ohms law?
er, wtf was @ foot guy

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