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wtf no make your question more specific
you cannot make pwm with a resistor arrays
3v is your issue
anyway you can prob make something with a 7404

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omg taxman
omg sleep
macegr: because capacitors are expensive and can fail
in the future all decent circuits will = chips + connectors

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thats pretty neat

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at 60rpm i go 11.7 or 13.4 mph
so yeah that seems right, 90rpm is like 20mph
to change gears i have to take off my back tire and redo my brakes =\
i think i want to get a bigger crank sprocket tho

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also aluminum handlebars and seat post and rims and crank sprocket
this is like a BMX frame beach cruiser
mountain bikes are 26"
bmx cruisers are hard to get tires for =(
yeah no gears
i have 39 and 13, i think
hmm 14
and then 16 on the flip side

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haha @ fixie
ultra retarded
you should ride my bike next time you are down
ridiculous light
like, its more tiring to get off the bike and walk it up hills than to just ride up slow
also hahaha @ riding down hills as fast as i do on a fixie
not like i can pedal as fast as im going...
revtom: 24" BMX cruiser, 6061 aluminum frame, carbon fiber forks, sealed bearings on everything, long crank, flip flop hub with like long and longer gearing

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