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because pxs

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no i dont think so hes actually a constant offender

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synth: i will ban you when i get back
ive banned you before
couple times
thats your problem
its for being generally trollish
how would you know you cant remember what youve forgotten
thats why its forgotten
timecop is our #1 troll alarm
who cares about log
ive bant you at least twice, on two occasions, and i think one more time
oddly yes
who the fuck cares about $5

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you should that shit is funny
and synth why are you not still bant
i just see tv at bar by work
and usually i turn it cartoon network
dexters lab at 6:30 and powerpuff girls at 7:00!
seriously fuck sports
what you dont like powerpuff girls?
i havent seen those yet
and dexter isnt on before powerpuff girls
workbench: except racing
watching racing in person from one perspective is pretty lame
blackmoon: i know about it just havent gotten around to it
k werq bye

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