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linsanity: if youre lucky its PSU related and you can maybe do something about it
but yeah if youre willing to take the time to open the shit up, just make sure all connectors are seated properly and nothing looks burn or broken or vented

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hacked``: they cant afford a real contract engineer?
computer monitor
giant seven segments

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rasberry pi doesnt exist
$150, add monitor
seriously its a school
have them use computers
they have lots
this is a waste of money
hospitals and airports have computers and computer monitors
fuck if i remember seeing a real clock at an airport

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fuck pumpers, whats hacked`` doing here
buy a computer from 1995?
problem solved, remaining budget = $350
but your homebrew prototype electronics will be 1000% reliable
isnt that shit still vapor?
can you actually buy a rasberry pi
okay so its reliability is unknown until at least 6 months after launch
just get a led message bar?

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